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    "Who said you can't go, dare to bully my junior brother, pretend there's no one in Lie Dao Sect?"

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    The darker the night, the sharper and fiercer the wind sounds. Bodies were everywhere on the ground, but the blood was inaudible, because the strong wind blew away the smell of blood. After the death of her cheeky mother-in-law Zhang Zhuxue and Li Anshun. When Yan Ziyun used a dangerous method to escape with a truly powerful blast of energy, and called "disperse", the masters who could still move in the Rouge building dispersed immediately. Those who were seriously injured committed suicide immediately. True Qi has many magical functions. If a person's will is alert, True Qi can break the blood vessels of the heart extremely easily. There's no one in the Rouge Building who isn't dead. The wind blew a leaf onto Yang Yi's forehead. King Qiantang of Daqi, the strongest person in Qi currently, did not show any expression. He then glanced at Li Anshun lying on the ground, but he sighed and bowed slightly to show respect. The reason why Yang Yi's cousins were able to rise to a high position was not because they were pure schemers, but because this pair of brothers actually had a lot of spirit. Can remember the hero. "Chase!!!" Immediately after that, Duong Dich restored his unchanged expression and spat out a word from his mouth. Before the words were finished, Nhan Tu Van chased after him. The power of the Rouge Building was too great, beyond Yang Yi's imagination. At that time, I should have chased the robbers. “You don't want to run away.” Duong Dat was like the wind passing by, there was an extremely bright light in his eyes, that was the light of perseverance. The owners of the royal court also silently dispersed, chasing after the owners of Rouge House who were scattered in all directions. The sound of the wind covers all sounds. Trieu Phong Cac. The wind blew strongly on the thin bamboo branches, the sound of the wind was buzzing, like the sound of crying. Zhang Ning waiting got a little boring, so he took out a jar of wine and a cup from Wanbaofan. Van Bao Phien is a relatively popular magic weapon in Taoism. The more treasures you have, the stronger your attack power will be. It can be deployed and hosted. For Zhang Ning, storage is more important. Zhang Ning stores many things in Wanbaofan, including a variety of spices, drinks, teas, and snacks. Their family members like to live in seclusion in the wild. They will live a long life in the future. They can live in seclusion in some deep mountains and forests for hundreds of years, so they need to hoard some things. It was a 40-year-old Nuuhong jar. Zhang Ning cracked open the clay and poured out a glass full of amber wine. Open your mouth and drink it. After taking three sips, he stopped and continued to wait. Not long after, Zhang Ning raised his head to look south, and a breath was quickly approaching. Not long after, Zhang Ning saw Yan Ziyun in a red suit. The most beautiful woman in the world on a daily basis, with elegant makeup and jewelry, the extremely graceful and luxurious woman has disappeared, and has become a refreshing and capable crazy woman . One hand held a soft long sword, the corner of his pink mouth occasionally coughed out a mouthful of red blood, redder than his clothes. But her eyes were extremely bright, it was the joy of a bird in a cage that had finally escaped its fate, but in that joy there was hidden sadness. Mrs. Yanzhi appears to be dead. My cousin really has deep feelings for Mrs. Yanzhi. Truong Ninh thought to himself. This is also normal. Grandma Yanzhi is extremely powerful, but she and Yan Ziyun should be equal. But one is younger, and the other is old, has a short lifespan, and is truly filled with deadly energy. As said, boxing is afraid of youth. If Yan Ziyun is determined to escape, even the Yanzhi building cannot hold her back. She was not interested in reviving Zhao Song, thinking it was a cage. But she has deep feelings for Mrs. Yanzhi and cannot betray her. So tonight's attack was designed, both as a desperate attempt and as a rebirth from the ashes. If you win, Trieu Song will restore the nation, and if you lose, you can survive. All bets are on Zhang Ning. “It's up to you, cousin.” Nhan Tu Van also saw Truong Ninh, smiled brightly, waved towards Truong Ninh, then quickly hid behind Truong Ninh, looking very cute. cousin! ! ! Truong Ninh has always been calm, but at this moment the corner of his mouth couldn't help but twitch. Just then, Yang Yi chased after him. Yang Yi did not come alone, he brought three masters. Although their strength was not at its peak, they were very close to the three masters. Yang Yi's acting style is different from Yang Xing, much safer. A master of Tianjing, his hearing is extremely excellent. At this time in the wilderness, only Zhang Ning and Yan Ziyun were nearby, and Yang Yi heard the call of his cousin Yan Ziyun. Yang Yi also sensed that there was a person on the Zhaofeng Pavilion in the distance, but Zhang Ning's breathing was restrained, so he couldn't recognize him. Because Zhang Ning broke through the limits of this world and obtained the true essence, the Buddha essence and the magical essence. Previously, Truong Bach Cong was able to explore Truong Ninh's world, but now that Truong Bach Cong is resurrected, it is very difficult to detect Truong Ninh. Therefore, Yang Yi only felt that there was one person in Zhaofeng Pavilion, an ordinary person. This ordinary person made Yang Yi frown. Because this place is deserted and it's the middle of the night, would normal people stay here, in the Phoenix Pavilion? person? And Yen Tu Van didn't run anywhere, but came here? Furthermore, Yan Ziyun stopped. If there was no trick in this matter, Yang Yi would never believe it. Yang Yi was naturally more cautious than Yang Xing, so he stopped. The three big Qi masters accompanying him also stopped. “My master. It's a bit strange.”Chen Qinshan, the guardian of Qiantang Palace, the willow leaf swordsman, Yang Yi's confidant, also frowned. This man is tall and thin, dressed in black, has a handsome face but his eyebrows and narrow eyes reveal a sharp and cunning look. He is Duong Dich's sword, but also Duong Dich's fox. "Be careful, but don't be too scared. If there are any experts lurking in Rouge Castle, we just went up together. Zhang Zhuxue, Yan Ziyun, if there are other experts, we They will win. There is no need to stay here and ambush me." Duong Dat thought for a moment, raised his eyebrows and said. "Yes." Chen Taishan winked at the other two masters of the court, and with the sword in his chest, he walked towards Zhaofeng Pavilion with leisurely steps. The two masters guarded Yang Yi from left to right and followed behind. They were all cautious people. In such a situation, they all knew that Yang Yi needed to be protected. There is no one in the Daqi court, if Yang Yi dies again. The world may be in chaos that day. While taking precautions, four people went to Fengfeng Pavilion. All four people's pupils shrank, the hair on their neck stood up, and cold sweat broke out on their backs. With the power of heaven, cold and warmth are not violated. A thin shirt is enough all year round. But at this moment, cold sweat broke out, and it could be said that it was terrifying. At this point, I instinctively broke out in a cold sweat. And this is something that before, there weren't many experts gathered in the court, and there weren't many experts in the Red Tower either. Of course there is a reason for this. This is of course normal. Because no matter how weak the court is, it can easily bring out hundreds of sky-level experts. There are two top experts, Yang Yi and Li Anshun, who can fight each other. But facing the person in front of them, they had no ability to fight. Standing on Yang Yi's right side was a sword master named Pei Tian. He was tall and strong, with a rough appearance and eyes as big as bronze bells. From the outside, he looks like a hero. In fact, Pei Tian is truly a hero. He was ambushed once, and under the command of the two masters of the earth and ten masters of the sky, he only paid the price of death. injured and killed one of the earth's masters, forcing him to escape. Swordsman, the famous swordsman in the world is basically a hero. But at this moment, Bui Thien not only had cold sweat flowing down, but also swallowed a mouthful of saliva, his eyes showing fear like bronze bells. People like Bui Thien, even when faced with an ambush, as long as they have a little hope, they will not despair, nor will they be afraid. Because there is hope after all. But if faced with despair, it is like a long night, never seeing Duong Quang. Then only fear remains. Right. Face the person in front of you. Pei Tian, Chen Taishan and Yang Yi all thought that there was no chance of winning, because the opponent was invincible in the world. Facing the invincible, is there any chance of victory? But Yang Yi was Yang Yi after all, he had been plotting with Zhang Baigong for a long time and sent Jin Changhen to be by Zhang Baigong's side. He had a very good reputation, he was known as a virtuous king, and he was admired by the government and the public. Many people believe that Yang Yi is more suitable for the position of emperor than Yang Xing. Such a person, of course, is not afraid of death. Although this moment was beyond his expectations, even if he died, he would have to become a ghost. Yang Yi took a deep breath, waved his hand, and signaled Chen Taishan, Pei Tian, and another expert to follow behind him. Protect your butt. Facing Wuming, even if there were a hundred more masters in the local rankings, there was no chance of winning. Today, everyone is a knife and I am a fish. Death or survival depends on the attitude of others. Chen Taishan, Pei Tian and the others looked at each other and immediately obediently followed Yang Yi. Yan Ziyun of Rouge House, the subjugated princess of Zhao Song. Daqi's Qiantang Wang Yangyi, the current mainstay. The remaining three also have their own names. But at this moment, his attitude was all printed on his appearance, extremely docile. Tran Thai Son's three people stayed outside the pavilion. Duong Dat entered Phuong Cac Cac, with a heavy face he walked in front of Truong Ninh, bowed and bowed, "Mr. Anonymous." "Sit down." Truong Ninh took out another one. Putting the wine down on the glass, he personally filled it with amber-clear wine, gently flicked it and slowly moved the wine glass towards Yang Yi. In this delicacy, Yang Yi did not dare to sit down, so he sat down with his arms crossed. Zhang Ning poured himself another glass of wine and toasted Yang Yi. Yang Yi had no choice but to drink the cup again. Although this girl's red color was not bad, when Duong Dich drank it, he felt like white water, tasteless and a bit cold. Then there was some silence. It's not that Zhang Ning is distant, but this is the first time in his life he has encountered such a situation. He had no grievances with Yang Yi, and he did not want to kill Yang Yi. So what to say? Zhang Ning hoped that Yang Yi would speak first, or Yan Ziyun would speak first. But Yang Yi and Yan Ziyun thought that Zhang Ning would speak first, so they remained silent. In the end, it was Yang Yi who spoke first. Because he is the least likely to know why. And the person who wants to know why the most. Yang Yi glanced at Yan Ziyun, but in fact, he had already guessed the relationship between Yan Ziyun and Zhang Ning. Does Zhang Ning have friendship with Rouge House? Or is Zhang Ning in a relationship with Yan Ziyun? But if so, why didn't Truong Ninh take action just now? But at this time? If Zhang Ning took action, it was natural that Zhao Song would restore the country and Yang Qi would perish. Thinking about it again and again, Duong Dich showed some signs and his heart relaxed a bit. So, Yang Yi hesitantly said: "There's no one in the middle of the night, why are you here?" When Yang Yi opened his mouth, Zhang Ning also said directly: "I and Yan Ziyun have some relationship, but I Don't want to interfere with the relationship between Yanzhilou and your Yang family. But Yan Ziyun, I have to protect her." These words made Yang Yi understand a little, but after careful consideration, Yang Yi felt awkward and frowned. Not only Yang Yi, but even Chen Taishan, Pei Tian and three other experts frowned. Because they think about one point. At this time, Yen Tu Van rolled her eyes and leaned towards Truong Ninh, her chest pressed against Truong Ninh's back, looking extremely intimate. He said softly: "Cousin, tell them to go away quickly, tell them to hand over the bodies of our mother-in-law and Dien Chi Lau people." The corner of Truong Ninh's mouth twitched, unable to bear it. We are at least thirty years apart. cousin? Thank you for calling it out. Yang Yi and others' pupils shrink, cousin? ? ? ? This is no ordinary origin. Cousins are already close relatives. But then Yang Yi frowned again. According to various sources, Zhang Ning was in her early thirties, nearly forty years old, and Yan Ziyun had been the number one beauty in the world for decades. Therefore, things that were too exaggerated were uncontrollable, and Yan Ziyun's cousin was immediately exposed by Yang Yi. But Yang Yi said nothing, because exposing it was meaningless. Yang Yi thought for a moment and said: "I will hand over the bodies of Zhang Zhuxue and Yanzhilou. But there is one sentence that I cannot vomit, please forgive me, Mr. Anonymous." Zhang Ning glanced at Yan Ziyun, But Yan Ziyun leaned closer to Zhang Ning, as if it was really a cousin leaning on a cousin. "Wang Qiantang, please tell me." Zhang Ning could only turn around and tell Yang Yi. "Zhang Zhuxue claims to be a descendant of Zhao Song, then the Red Tower must have Zhao Song's blood. Sir, I have nothing more to say if I want to protect Yan Ziyun today. But if Yan Ziyun attacks unfairly attack you because she is your husband's cousin As a member of my Daqi, my Daqi will never have peace. If it is not as good as Zhao Song Fuguo, I, Yang Qi, ready to go abroad." Yang Yi thought about it and said so frankly. Chen Taishan, Pei Tian and others were in cold sweat. That's why. Letting Yan Ziyun go today would cause countless troubles. If Wuming can protect Yan Ziyun all his life, then there will be countless troubles in the future. With Yang Qi's current situation, it is better to give up the throne and go abroad. But asking these words requires courage, because in front of him there is an invincible person. Zhang Ning did not behave as aggressively as Chen Taishan, Pei Tian and others imagined. He only said: "I will soon go far to heaven. You are one step ahead of me. Trieu Song's bloodline is extinct. Only you and I remain. Once we leave, there will be no one left." Zhao Song, don't worry." Yang Yi was surprised, his pupils twitched like needles, he almost jumped out and ran away from this place. Yan Ziyun is Zhao Song's successor, so Wuming is also Zhao Song's successor. Zhao Song's successor!!! Because they are blood relatives. Confused again, why didn't Wuming help Yan Ziyun restore the country? ??? ? ? Why didn't Zhao Song return to the country? This person is What do you think in front of you? Not to mention Duong Nghi, Truong Ninh also has something to ask Duong Nghi. He also said directly. "I also want to ask you a question, what is your identity? Are you Tieu Dao Marquis? What is your relationship with Mr. Black and Mr. Ham?"

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    One person, one table, one leaf and one tree, enough to talk about the past and present.

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    Now he has drunk three thousand, but the person who persuaded him to drink is no longer by his side.

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    When the old man left, he once said that a master's identity should not be revealed, unless it is time of life and death.

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    It didn't matter that he was complaining, but it surprised the three people at the next table. The two men and one woman at the next table were also wearing red clothes, with long swords on their shoulders. The difference was that the left shoulder had no embroidered pattern. One of them suddenly made a sound, slightly drunk, and said in a low voice: "Brother, I heard that you were robbed of alcohol in the forbidden suburbs?"

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    The old scholar shook his head and said: "No, no, I made an appointment with an old friend, who came from far away, just to meet you. What happened that year was not what people wanted, but I often felt sin. However, we have practiced the way of heaven and gained the world of Love, understood the principles of nature, cultivated the profound energy of all things, strengthened our self-cultivation, and overcame all It can be seen that we are chosen by heaven and earth, we are the righteous path, there are three paths of peace in the world, how can we be cruel when we see the suffering of the people?

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    Ling Langya felt dizzy when he was hit by the ape's cry, as if he was about to faint. Only then did he know why Ho Huc covered his ears and fell to the ground. It was probably due to the influence of a strange beast's sound waves.

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    It didn't matter that he was complaining, but it surprised the three people at the next table. The two men and one woman at the next table were also wearing red clothes, with long swords on their shoulders. The difference was that the left shoulder had no embroidered pattern. One of them suddenly made a sound, slightly drunk, and said in a low voice: "Brother, I heard that you were robbed of alcohol in the forbidden suburbs?"

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    Ling Langya imitated the ritual in the story, clasped his hands and said: "Thank you for saving me. I only have one doubt, this battle can also be counted as an entrance fee. Could it be that the entrance fee is money?" "

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    In fact, there are many things that the narrator does not know. But no one knows that the narrator has traveled all over the world just to find the secret answer.

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    At this time, A Phuc was still in shock, seeing that the little official was almost killed, in the blink of an eye he quickly ran out, thinking to himself that if there was no one to tell the story, perhaps the soul that died under the knife would be him. . He was naturally acquainted with the narrator who was also making a living in Qingfenglou, so he quickly approached behind the two of them, seeking protection and support.

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    After the short and thin man finished speaking, he quickly blinked and signaled everyone to leave. Even though the burly man had a lot to say, he didn't dare to say much at this time. He could only follow behind his senior brother. And the three people who had said nothing realized that this young man was not the one who stole their wine, but what the short and thin man said had drawn them into the united front, so they just The way is to follow.

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    While the two were arguing, a short, thin man also came to support his junior's opinion. The person who stole the wine was a young man in a white shirt and long coat. However, another man with thick eyebrows and big eyes and a woman with a beautiful face, like the man with a male voice, thought that the person who grabbed the wine was a young man wearing a red robe, and he's absolutely right.

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    Ling Langya thought he would fall to the ground with a headache like Hu Xu's, but it only hurt for a moment, but he woke up immediately, hearing a gibbon's cry, but he was unharmed. The ape roared and roared, looking very fierce, but Ling Langya always had a feeling of déjà vu.

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    Only then did Hu Xu regain his composure, seeing that Ling Langya was standing by the well and that there was nothing serious, so he breathed a sigh of relief and explained: you can punish me. My salary was deducted, but this younger brother and A Phuc were brought here by me, and it has nothing to do with them."

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